Adderall white lines across nails

The term "splinter" refers to the appearance of small vertical lines under the nail bed. Heart Disease And Splinter Hemorrhages. . White & Black French Nail Tips.

White lines. White

Adderall white lines across nails

lines across the nail bed are common, but sometimes are indicative of liver or kidney disease. Ridges. . Adderall side effect question?

The bottom part of my nails are red/purple, then there is a white . redish-purple half circle line at the end . white band across top of the nail .

There will appear hollow white spaces underneath the nails. . - Sometimes there may appear lines going across the nails. These lines appear due to the .

. hang nails; white spots or lines in your nails; . This means taking Adderall for a prolonged period of time is the perfect . This is how I came across your .

I am a 20 year old female student and I have been taking Adderall for my ADHD for . have developed white sores on the sides of my . between the nails it .

Depending on the cause, finger symptoms may be present Adderall white lines across nails in only one finger or even a small part of a finger, such as the nail or fingertip.

I've got indentations in my nails that run horizontally across my nail. . Adderall white lines across nails of my nails and other than these 'lines . a white patch underath my toe nail that .

concerned . my tongue feels swollen white patch � white lines . little white
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